Christopher G. Moore’s Blog

Asia Fiction is a chronicle of the Bangkok nightlife and the dark side to Expat Life in Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, and Vietnam


Christopher G. Moore is a Canadian. His background is law (not law enforcement) but as in lawyer/law professor. He has lived in Thailand since 1988. He first started writing radio drama for the C.B.C. and then moved on to New York where his first novel His Lordship’s Arsenal was published in 1985.

He is the author of nineteen novels. His Vincent Calvino private eye series has been published in 11 languages. Grove/Atlantic has bought rights to 4 of the Calvino novels, and will release The Risk of Infidelity Index in December 2007, Spirit House in June 2008; and in 2009 the 10th novel in the Calvino series will be published as well as another book from the Calvino backlist. The publisher in the United States is Atlantic Monthly Books and Grove Press in the UK and the Commonwealth.

He has also published ten standalone novels, including the Land of Smiles trilogy, which includes A Killing Smile, A Bewitching Smile and A Haunting Smile. His non-fiction book titled Heart Talk explores the use of “jai” (which means heart) in the Thai language.

Christopher is married and lives in Bangkok with his wife and four dogs. He is a frequent traveler in the region, with excursions to Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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